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A small hook to be able to touch

Antibacterial, beautiful and discreet, the Touchetout allows you to touch all types of public surfaces while avoiding contact and transmission of viruses and bacteria.

A touch-what? (definition)

common, masculine noun –  One touch all, it’s an antimicrobial keychain offering a better way to open doors and use common areas like cash registers or vending machines. To make it short it is a small simple and discreet hook which allows you to avoid contact and transmission of viruses and bacteria. Brilliant.


Doors, handles, cars,…


Elevator buttons, metros, trains, RER,…


PIN code, telephones, vending machines,…


Elevator buttons, metros, trains, RER,…

Your barrier gesture assistant

Are you ready to take yourself for Captain Hook, to be able to put your hands anywhere (molo anyway) and face this deconfinement serenely? 

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Bacteria don't go over it?

Obviously, germs and bacteria are present everywhere around us and Touchetout is no exception to the rule. On the other hand, it allows you to reduce direct contact by more than 80% and, thanks to its antibacterial alloy, the lifespan of these germs does not exceed more than a few hours.

The only thing you have to do basically is to clean it with soap and water (like your hands) once or twice a day.


A unique antibacterial alloy

Our keyboards are fused in a unique alloy of copper, brass and zinc, naturally antibacterial metals . A study by the New England Journal of Medicine has moreover measured that the Covid-19 did not remain more than 4 hours on a copper surface, against 72 hours on cardboard, plastic and steel ( read more here ).

The coronavirus and other bacteria, viruses and microbes can get dressed, they will not settle here.


100% Touch

In addition to being antibacterial, copper and brass have the distinction of working on touch screens! So no stress, you can type your code at the distributor or borrow your friend’s phone without worries.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The icing on the cake 🍒 Our keyboards are made with extremely robust and durable materials, which do not rust and which, on the contrary, naturally skate giving a classic and retro look.

No need to buy one every year: one touch is all for life !

They've already adopted it ✌️

Why are you doing this?

(We hooked the idea on Captain Hook)

Slightly inspired by Captain Hook, the idea came to us because we were tired of pushing the doors with our feet, touching the handles of the toilets and these days, better avoid letting our pretty hands hang out. no matter where! Finally here we did not find it not very cool, we remembered the brilliant Captain Hook, his undeniable asset and we said that it must be super practical to have that!

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